Being Humane in Tech

In the Tech Industry we value efficiency and productivity. We try to keep our communication concise in an effort to be efficient. But are concise and efficient equivalent when it comes to communication? Or are we forgetting an important variable: humanity?

Enter an alternative: Compassion.

Tech is all about writing code, right? It’s about efficient solutions and productive teams. We worship Rockstar Devs, try to be agile and lean, all for the ultimate goal of delivering software faster and better. But are technical solutions all there is to it?

We will take a critical look at how we communicate in the Tech Industry. We work in teams, collaborate on solutions and gather requirements from the customer. All of which are about communication, about getting information from one head into another head. And of course we try to be as efficient as possible while doing that. By treating communication the same way as we treat tech we ignore a critical variable: humanity. Our colleagues and customers are human, not machines and as such demand different strategies when it comes to the exchange of information.